About Daniel

Daniel : More than just an accountant, Daniel emerges as a dynamic entrepreneur with an enthusiastic passion for software development, biking, bodybuilding, and the exhilarating world of indoor soccer, known as futsal. Naturally integrating these diverse interests, Daniel embodies resilience and hard work, whether on the futsal court, crafting joyful digital experiences, or engaging in culinary experiments. In the artistic sphere, his drawings showcase creative flair, while his commitment to fitness extends to biking, bodybuilding, and even cold-weather workouts. Beyond screens, Daniel explores startup news, reads avidly, and nurtures a backyard farm. Amidst this multifaceted journey, he finds the most joy in hiking along the coasts of eastern Newfoundland, creating cherished memories amid breathtaking landscapes. Daniel's entrepreneurial spirit and varied pursuits paint a rich tapestry of a professional who transcends the traditional role, embracing a life full of passion and innovation.