About Dr. Kenneth Kent

As an accomplished researcher and professor, Ken sees the value of providing opportunity and cultivating an environment where people can excel and make significant contributions to society. For him, the challenge comes in building the team, gathering the resources, and cutting the trail for the team to pave the way to success. 

With forever a passion for hockey, it is the team as a whole that can accomplish great feats - not the individual. With this in mind, Ken endeavors to support different approaches, mindsets, talents and modes of thinking to think outside the box in building a strong venture.

His love for the open road with his classic cars and motorcycle has taught him that the journey can provide many twists and turns, but are all lessons along the way to success. While success is often viewed as the end result, it is the culmination of the many successes along the way that provide equal reward. With this in mind, the entrepreneurial spirit of every failure contains an important lesson is one of his strong beliefs.

With his many hats of father, husband,  professor and co-founder, Ken is a master of multi-tasking. His ability to identify priorities and to ensure that those tasks are completed is superior. He works with the belief that by assembling and enabling a strong team with the necessary resources, together they can build an impactful venture for the greater community.