About Ranjit

Ranjit's extensive 27-year experience at sea demonstrates his deep understanding of operational excellence, a skill set that he successfully transitioned to land operations as the Managing Director at ASETS-CA Inc. This shift underscores his adaptability and strong leadership capabilities, showcasing a versatile professional.

His commitment to safety, quality, cost efficiency, timely delivery, and people-centric approach reflects a comprehensive understanding of the key pillars of operational efficiency. Punctuality stands out as Ranjit's favorite, highlighting the importance he places on time management and adherence to schedules.

Beyond his professional achievements, Ranjit's interests in fine cuisine and excellent music add a personal touch to his profile, revealing a well-rounded individual. His passion for playing the guitar during his free time further emphasizes his diverse talents and interests.

The anecdote about sharing a beer with none other than Axl Rose, possibly his all-time favorite since childhood, adds a touch of excitement and personal fulfillment to Ranjit's narrative. This experience serves as a reminder that dreams can indeed come true through hard work and dedication.

In essence, Ranjit emerges as a seasoned professional with a rich background in operational excellence, complemented by a well-balanced personal life that includes a love for music, fine cuisine, and the pursuit of dreams.