Dec 13, 2023

Engineering - "sweet spot"​. Have we successfully empowered Industry 4.0 before to progress into Industry 5.0?

Industry 5.0 marks a pivotal shift from the current Industry 4.0, focusing not just on efficiency and productivity, but on societal contribution and worker well-being. It emphasizes a sustainable, human-centric approach, integrating technology, culture, and processes in the EPC sector to enhance ROI while respecting the planet's limits. The transition challenges traditional practices, urging a move towards a balanced blend of technology, competent people, and a conducive culture, ultimately aiming to redefine the engineering and technical sectors' approach to project execution.

Engineering - "sweet spot"​. Have we successfully empowered Industry 4.0 before to progress into Industry 5.0?

Low-code tools are going mainstream

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Multilingual NLP will grow

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Combining supervised and unsupervised machine learning methods

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Automating customer service: Tagging tickets and new era of chatbots

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Detecting fake news and cyber-bullying

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Digital transformation - The Industry 4.0 buzzword slowly transitioning into the latest Industry 5.0 , where European Union is already working on the Industry 5.0 provides a vision of industry that aims beyond efficiency and productivity as the sole goals, and reinforces the role and the contribution of industry to society.

It places the well-being of the worker at the center of the production process and uses new technologies to provide prosperity beyond jobs and growth while respecting the production limits of the planet.

It complements the existing "Industry 4.0" approach by specifically putting research and innovation at the service of the transition to a sustainable, human-centric and resilient European industry. The recently proposed rule by SEC on the environment focus is already started to change in the United States.

While the onset of Industry 5.0 even initiates , it is time we focus at initiating and adopting Industry 4.0 with efficacy , optimization in the field of EPC engineering. While the later is still focusing upon "digitization" & "digitalization".

A very important aspect of Industry 4.0 - specially digital transformation is its core definition. Is it the Technology ? Is it the skill-sets? or Is it "digitalization"? . This is how the current EPC works a combination of technology , people and automotive techniques.

Well the real core of it is the importance of " people", " process" and "culture". In-fact digital transformation for the EPC sector is a powerful chemistry that combines these 3 to effectively and progressively towards "efficacy".

Efficacy in the EPC sector directly translates to ROI of the project execution and helps deliver the ROI to the end customer.
all while, keeping people and culture at its core will be the key to success.
  • Stage 1. If we have implemented the technology on the wrong process, then it will amplify the wrong process only.
  • Stage 2.if we have implemented the wrong technology / right technology in the wrong way then also we will not get the expected outcome and results.
  • Stage 3. Further, if technology and processes are right ,but People are not skilled and competent then they will not able to fully cultivate the benefits of new processes and technology.
  • Stage 4. Lastly, if everything is perfect, i.e. the right technology, the right process, and the right competent people, & yet, if the culture is not right then the expected outcome and results are unachievable.

Now that is an interesting stage , of having to meet the goals of digital transformation -

a direct 'intersection' between Business ROI & over the years engineering practices ( legacy ways of implementation & delivery) that have been tried , tested but really not processed in its whole entirety by the business leaders , who had till then not holistically crossed the bridges to envision what really the technical departments delivered , as long as the project timelines were met.This period what i'd like to refer here is the 'dark period'.

Then came in the era of " digital transformation" where everyone started to accelerate. While business leaders focusing upon ROI and the at the same time engineering and technical divisions resisted their traditional practices to step outside the comfort zone - probably because the timelines were anyway met.

However the real question always remained untouched - Could we be in stage 1 , stage 2, stage 3 and or stage 4. and could there be a further ROI boost ?

So the real question is how can we objectively decide if our existing practices belong to stage 1, stage 2, stage 3 or stage 4.

We can go on and on for hours when it comes to challenging the engineering departments? No technical divisions like to be challenged on their existing practices ?

However are we then entitled to question the process of model re-generation at every stage , information repetition at every stage ? Manual intervention ?Using 3- 4 software's to deliver an entire engineering of a project.

How does the breach then challenge to get to the best out of engineering departments using " digital transformation"?

question is : How ? We need to get to the first principles , get to the drawing board and reinvent the process to Soar further higher up and above - and get to stage 5 which is

the right technology, the right process, right competent people, & right culture to be able to get to Industry 4.0- which then will lead us to Industry 5.0.

Are we ready to objectively evaluate this phase?

IDS(tm) - Integrated Design suite . Mine craft for engineers - to build EPC projects and then evaluate for all disciplines on a single platform.

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