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How it works


Integrated Design suite platform, is a lightweight web-based platform that you can access from anywhere and start 3D modeling in the web browser. It further brings in the simulations and generative CAD with intelligent load data that helps you evaluate and demonstrate the "built" environment early on.

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Integrated System Engineering

IDS™ standardizes 3D Process Flow diagrams with an integrated system of engineering. It is a multidisciplinary CAD, simulation & engineering design platform that helps EPC companies accelerate their early-stage engineering 10X faster.

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Rapid Deployment

Engineers using IDS™ benefit from the rapid deployment of engineering resources lowering effort time and costs related to engineering projects. ASETS has an already proven track record with several leading engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) firms.

Single Platform

IDS™ brings multiple-disciplines on a single platform in a manner that allows the engineering community to avoid multiple data creation and reverse engineer on a cloud-based 3D scaled model.

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Unlock the Full Potential of Engineering with IDS™

ASETS introduces the groundbreaking Integrated Design Suite™ (IDS™), a cloud-based, multi-disciplinary CAD, simulation, and engineering design platform. IDS™ revolutionizes early-stage engineering for EPC and owner companies, accelerating the design process by up to 10 times. Experience the future of engineering with our innovative suite that combines speed, precision, and versatility.

IDS™ Designer - Redefine Engineering Design

With the IDS™ Designer, embrace a parametric approach for rapid modeling and efficient clash checks. Control every aspect of structural modeling with parameterized features. Our AI-driven tools enable auto-generation of designs across various sectors, ensuring creativity meets functionality.

IDS™ Piping - Streamline Your Piping Design

The IDS™ Piping module transforms how process flow diagrams are created. Utilize our advanced auto-router for swift 3D visualization and pipe modeler for assessing real-world pipe feasibility. Experience a seamless transition from concept to concrete design, optimizing your piping projects.

IDS™ Open Frame - Precision in Structural Modeling

IDS™ Open Frame offers a parametric approach for quick modeling and accurate clash detection. Govern your structural modeling with controlled parameterized features and algorithm-based geometry. This tool is designed to enhance precision in every structural project you undertake.

IDS™ Viewer - Interactive 3D Model Visualization

Harness the power of web-based 3D visualization with IDS™ Viewer. This innovative tool allows you to communicate entire 3D models directly within a web browser. Engage interactively in real-time with your clients, facilitating immediate feedback and discussion. Receive and provide comments seamlessly, enhancing collaboration and understanding in your projects. IDS™ Viewer is your gateway to effective and efficient client communication, making every interaction more productive and insightful.

Elevate your engineering projects with unmatched precision and speed

Step into the future of engineering excellence with ASETS. Discover how Integrated Design Suite™ can revolutionize your approach to project design and execution. Click here to explore the potential of IDS™


Hear what our customers  have to say about us

We are interested in what ASETS are developing and are impressed with some of the transformative thinking such as 3D PFD.

Manager Energy Transition and Digital,

This integrated engineering concept is quite an innovative one with the potential to increase productivity and quick estimates. We are open to use this software for proposal engineering.

Engineering Manager,
Praj Industries

It is nice to have everything in one place, instead of the fragmented approach.

Waste Water Engineer,