Design Your Industrial Facility Faster with IDS Integrator

How many times have you modelled the same tank?  Creating the layout of your facility is a long, time consuming process. Tanks, reactors, pipes, each one must be modelled individually., but what if they didn’t have to be?  IDS Integrator is an online design platform that simplifies the entire industrial facility layout process. Say goodbye to complex 3D modelling software and hello to an intuitive, efficient solution.

Hit the Ground Running

Kickstart your design with our extensive library of meticulously detailed 3D models for equipment, machinery, and more. Seamlessly connect your chosen components using our intuitive piping system. Generate connectors, junctions, and valves with a single click, ensuring a perfect fit every time. Feel free to move any equipment, your lines will update using our adaptive system.

Instant Frame Build

Construct building frames to your exact specifications in a matter of moments. Instantly add connections and baseplates based on your design parameters, saving you valuable design time. Simplify support placement by attaching them directly from your piping system, ready for analysis. 

Export for Seamless Analysis

Once your design is complete, easily export your structural elements or piping systems in various formats. Integrate with our sister software for comprehensive structural analysis, or use industry-standard formats for analysis with your preferred tools.

IDS Integrator focuses on what you do best – designing your facility.

We handle the tedious tasks, allowing you to focus on optimizing and iterating on your vision.

Ready to experience the future of industrial facility design? Hit the button to gain access today!

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